A Day in the Life of an SEO Specialist

freelance seo consultant

First, coffee.

As a freelance SEO specialist and website designer, I am self-employed and work with clients both locally and internationally, because all my work is essentially online, I am able to work anywhere in the world and with clients from all over the globe.

For any online business to succeed, your website needs to look good and also be found on search engines, that’s where I come in. As a freelance SEO specialist that also develops awesome websites I help with both.  I make sure your website gets the traffic and also converts.

According to CMO.com and Smart Insights, SEO is the most in-demand digital marketing skill. Furthermore, SEO experts are strong as new businesses know they need a specialist with knowledge of the ins-and-outs of SEO. Also, as per Indeed.com, more than 10,300 SEO-related jobs are available in the U.S. and 8400 in the UK.

My day is not all about keywords, however, key-phrases have been the constant algorithms of Google whilst other algorithms have been through changes many times.

As an SEO specialist, I work to achieve on-page and off-page optimization, ensuring quality content, a clean code structure, meta-description, loading speed, internal and external links, and images containing alt-tags.

Link building is an extremely effective way of promoting your website and letting search engines know that people have confidence in your website content. I work to provide clean and reliable link building.

Additionally, I make sure you can trace the source of the traffic to your website, by providing all backlinks in your monthly report on an excel spreadsheet. By tracing the major-source of traffic, I will be able to know which webpage or social networking app is generating more traffic which ultimately means more customers

The requirements, policies, and algorithms for Google change from time to time, and it is essential to keep oneself updated on these changes. Being an SEO specialist I am constantly monitoring any changes that occur in Google algorithms.

Working with different teams

Being an SEO specialist, I can work with the social media marketing team, paid search marketing team, press release team, content marketing team, and your graphic design team.

When an SEO specialist works with the press release team, he/she ensures that press release content is optimized. Similarly, an SEO expert performs the same function in the content marketing team.

I am able to work with other web developers/designers to ensure that your website is being built with SEO in mind and that the content meets the fundamentals of search engine optimization.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your SEO needs, I would love to perform a free site audit on your website and discuss your options, pop me an email seoangelique@gmail.com


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