Learn More about Google Ads

learn more about google ads

Every second, people turn to Google for the information they need to get things done. Google Ads is a digital advertising solution that helps you reach this audience and transform them into valuable customers.

What are the different Campaign types?


Search ads appear next to Google search results and on other Google partner sites, like YouTube, when people look for businesses like yours.


Google Display ads can appear across a network of more than two million sites and apps, reaching 90% of people on the internet. Your ads get matched to content related to your business or to your customers’ interests. Use a Display campaign to increase exposure and reach audiences with specific interests across the web.


With Video ads, you can reach the right audience at scale and capture their attention. Show your ads on their own or within other streaming video content on YouTube and across Google’s network of websites and apps. Only pay when people choose to watch your ad.

Video campaigns help you bring your business’s story to life. They engage customers in different ways, like showing ads before their favorite music video or while they’re researching an upcoming purchase.


Shopping ads appear on Google Shopping next to search results and near text and responsive ads. Shopping ads promote your products by giving consumers detailed information about what you’re selling before they even select your ad.

Use a Shopping campaign to advertise your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website or local store, and find better-qualified leads.


After a simple setup process, App campaigns run ads across Google’s largest properties, including Search, Play, and YouTube, as well as thousands of mobile sites and apps. Your ads and bids are automatically adjusted to get the most downloads. Just add a few lines of text, a bid, and some assets, and the rest is optimized to help customers find you.

With an App campaign, you can increase engagement, app installs, and even in-app actions, like signing up for a newsletter or ordering a product.

Specialized campaign types

Does your business have specific objectives based on a niche industry or customer base? Google Ads can help you meet those goals through specialized campaign types.

Local campaigns help you drive important offline metrics — like store visits or in-store sales — by advertising on multiple platforms. Let Google Ads optimize how your ads appear on Search, Maps, Display, and YouTube to maximize your offline performance.

Hotels – If you’re a hotel looking to advertise rates and availability, Hotel campaigns are for you! These campaigns display hotel prices and availability on Search, Maps, and Assistant to connect you with the millions of travelers actively searching for you.

With Discovery campaigns, you can easily engage customers across Google’s most popular properties with a variety of rich, unique ad formats. Reach your users across the YouTube Home Feed, Gmail, and Google’s Discover Feed — all with one campaign.

Bidding and Budget

Your bid strategy controls how you pay for users to interact with your ads. Your bid limit is the most that you’ll pay per click for ads in an ad group, and your budget is the average amount that you’re comfortable spending each day on your campaign. The budget that you choose is entirely up to you, and you can adjust it at any time.

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