The Importance of Well-Designed Website for SEO

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With the new core web vital algorithm, Google is doubling down on UX (user experience).  The design of your website affects your SEO more than you think.

You might have heard of “Dwell Time” when learning what factors affect your SEO. So what is Dwell Time and how does it affect your website? Dwell time is the amount of time that passes between the moment you click a search result and subsequently return back to the SERPs. Your goal should be that when a visitor lands on your page, the content answers all of their needs, encouraging their next action to remain with you. If your content does not encourage them to remain with you, they will leave. The search engines can get a sense of this by watching the dwell time.  Basically, the longer someone stays on your website after coming from the SERPs, the more likely it is that they found your content useful.

Here are a few dwell time examples and how they may be interpreted:

  • 2 seconds: The user did not find what they wanted/expected, so they clicked back to the search engine page.
  • 2 minutes: Your content was useful so they stuck around for a bit.
  • 15 minutes: Your content was extremely useful.


Based on the above, It’s pretty clear that search engines can use the Dwell Time factor to judge the quality and relevancy of a given result.

So the next question would be, how do you make sure your website is presented in such a way that users spend more time on it?

Whenever an individual visits a website, the presentation is the first to attract the user before they even start reading your content. If the visual appearance is neat, easy to read, and well-structured for the user, then they are more likely to stick around and move on to reading your content.

Suppose people only have 20 minutes to visit websites for a particular product. 66% of individuals will visit a website that has a user-friendly and eye-catching design.

Online businesses depend upon SEO and digital marketing techniques to get the customers they need. You might have a product that people need but if they can’t find you, what’s the point? The success of your online business depends heavily upon digital marketing and SEO.

Website Design And SEO Fundamentals

Website design determines how elements, information, and ads will be present on the website. Moreover, the design has to be user-friendly, and pages on the website must load quickly. Content presentation, quality, and quantity according to website design will affect search engine optimization.

Webpage design must be SEO-friendly to ensure people visit and use the website easily and frequently. The look of the website gives an impression of you and your business to visitors and it’s always a good idea to make the best first impression, especially if you have a lot of competition.

The overall website design consists of multiple details, including page layout, images, advertisements, links, font style, font size, color scheme, and graphics.

Your website design should consist of a solid navigation process that makes it user-friendly. In turn, customers will like to spend time and visit your website more often. Responsive design, collecting customer responses, style guidance, purposeful visuals, and call-to-action buttons contribute to the overall design of the website and SEO, as it impacts the audience.

The modern, up-to-date website is like a fresh breeze of air for the visitor as it’s smooth, user-friendly, fresh, and new. However, a poorly designed website design with a lack of fulfillment of SEO fundamentals gives your site or business an unprofessional and outdated impression.

The loading time of your website is an important factor in SEO and is crucial in keeping the user on your site, if your website takes a long time to load then the user is simply going to leave, we live in a fast-paced world and you would be surprised at how impatient visitors to your website can be when it comes to the loading time.   As an SEO specialist I can check the speed of pages on your website by using Google PageSpeed Insights, from there I can make the necessary changes to ensure your website loads fast.

Don’t let something so preventable like a poorly designed and slow website stop you from gaining the customers your business needs, allow me to do a full site audit and we can discuss what your website needs to succeed (hey, that rhymes!).


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